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Electrical Fencing Services

When you are faced with the decision of having an Electric Fence System installed you have a big array of installers and equipment to choose from, but when it comes to proper safety, security, state of the art materials,  piece of mind and your back-up, choices are very limited.

What a Shock has the philosophy that an Electric Fence should be the most important tool in having a good night’s rest. By having What a Shock install a Electric Fencing System, you can rely on years of experience, product knowledge and a dedication to the art of securing clients.

What a Shock has an ongoing training program with employees as this keeps everyone on standard and in the loop on new technology from the manufacturers.

A well planned and installed Electric Fence System is meant to give you, the client, piece of mind and the trust in the knowledge that you are protected when inside your property. A good fence should be an extension of your property and not a sore eye.

An Electric Fence is meant to deter and prevent possible intruders from gaining access onto your property. In the event of intruders actually gaining access you want to know about it, this is power in your hands and time is now on your side.

An Electric Fence is meant to be a MONITORABLE SECURITY DEVICE.

Brackets should not be able to be manipulated or bend out of form. Brackets should be manufactured with Square Tubing , powder coated and secured with a good quality plug and screw, it is advisable not to use nail in anchors as they tend to retract easily.

Brackets should be the correct height and placed in such a manner that intruders cannot get onto and over the wall being protected. (Nothing less than 6 Strand)

Corner posts and stays must be used with installations as wires should be tensioned between 20 kg and 25 kg, by placing that much tension on wires the possibility of intruders climbing underneath the fence after simply manipulating the wires are eliminated.

Aluminum wiring should be used on all installations as the end product of any installation should be a pure, high quality and unrestrained shock. By making use of other types of wiring the quality and power of the shock is being restricted as aluminum wire is the best in conducting energy (Joules) and has the least resistance. High resistance BAD, low resistance GOOD.

All installations should be wired in series and not parallel as with a parallel fence, wires can be removed, cut out, without an alarm being triggered. With a series wiring it is not the case, any live wire being cut reports an OPEN CIRCUIT and unavoidably a live wire and an earth wire will connect and a SHORT CIRCUIT is recorded and reported.

Isolators should be of such a standard that no false alarms are recorded due to rainfall or arcing Thu the isolator to the metal bracket. Clearance between wires and brackets should be at least 25mm as this will ensure no energy is lost by arcing. Isolators should further be of such sort that the wires cannot be removed from the isolator if Fence is active.

An Electric Fence should be earthed at least every 50 meters with earth spikes coupled with a lightning diverter, this will ensure the energizer records a SHORT CIRCUIT and ensures lightning diversion.

All installations should comply with Government Legislation: Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance in Accordance with regulation 12(4) and 13(1) of the Electrical Machinery Regulations, 2011.

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