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RoboGuard Surveillance

RoboGuard beams is just that, an early warning system. It serves as a stand alone system separate from an alarm system, or at least we promote the use of it as an stand alone. What makes this product so excellent is the simplicity that it operates on. Plug and play at a next level.

Each Roboguard senses the presence of an intruder at 20m at an arc of 110 degrees.

Housed in high pressure molded poly-carb ABS provides robust weather proof protection.

Anti-tamper switch protects RoboGuard even when it is switched off.

U.H.F surface acoustic wave resonator ensures “Spot-On” reliable radio communications through walls and steel structures.

Resident buzzer makes user diagnostics and setting up child’s play.

Lenses made with Poly IR6, a U.S patented material and carry a 10 year warranty against ultra-violet damage.

30 micro-amp current consumption 8 x C type batteries give extended life (3-5 Years)

Due to wireless nature, totally impervious to lightning.

2 Dual-Element Passive Infra-Red Sensors.

The ultimate Wireless Early Warning System.


2 Unit RoboGuard Kit Starter Pack

2 x RoboGuards complete with mounting brackets.

1 x HQ Wireless Unit, including charger.

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