BS 120 8joule Multi zone Energizer.

This unit has been designed with user friendliness in mind, including ease of installation,reliability and simple operation of the controls. An integrated perimeter protection system with multiple units, fully computer controlled, is easy to assemble. The unit has the following features:
*    A novel alarm monitoring system (SA Patent No. 99/5728)capable of protecting up to 20 zones. An alarm condition will occur if the fence live wire is either cut or short circuited during 3 consecutive pulses in the same zone.
*    The HV monitor system ensures stable zone information with no drift due to temperature variations.
*    Zone programming is very simple.
*    Fence Voltage can be  switched to "Low Voltage" (800V) or "High Voltage" (8500V)
*    A warning will be given if the fence voltage drops below a level of 3000V due to a system fault.
*    All controls are located on the remote control unit. Communication between this unit and the energiser is via a RS485 data link (4 core comms cable), via an RF link or via fibre optic cable.
*    Multiple Remote Control Units can be connected to one BS120 unit, in which case any control unit can be programmed to be the "Master" control unit or a "Slave" control unit.
*    A VHF- and a license free UHF transceiver with anti-collision facility can be supplied for bi-directional data communication over distances up to 3 Km and up to 20 Km.
*    Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP software is available to interface up to 125 Energisers to a PC via a RS485 data cable, RF data transceivers, or fibre optic cable.
*    Up to 125 Site maps can be stored, to enable communication with different sites from one computer.
*    The output voltage of each energizer will be indicated at the computer screen and will also be logged.
*    The software allows for pulse synchronisation of multiple BS120 units.
*    The zones can be series- or parallel wired .
*    The start and end points of the fence and the fence ground are the only connections
      to the energiser. An additional feature is that the fence is powered from both ends.
*    An auto-reset facility is available and can be enabled or disabled. The machine will automatically try to reset an alarm after 3 minutes. If successful, the alarm was apparently a nuisance alarm and no further action is required.
  • Input Voltage :100V-250V AC or 12V DC (Solar Panel)
  • Power Consumption :15VA
  • Built-in back-up Battery :7.5 A/H, 12V Gelyte Lead Acid Battery.
  • Back-up time > 5 Hours.
HV Output (High mode)
  • Output Voltage (open) : 8250V
  • Output Voltage (500 Ohms) : 7500V
  • Output Voltage (100 Ohms) : 6000V
  • Output pulse Energy : 7.5 J
  • Output pulse length (10% points) : 130 ms
  • Pulse Repetition Rate : 1.3 s
  • HV Output (Low mode) : 800V
  • Output pulse energy : 0.08 J
  • Max. length of live wire : 25 Km or max. wire resistance of 1.2 kW. Depending on fence wire capacitance.
  • Dimensions : 340 X240 X 130
  • Weight : 4kG
The system complies with the following specifications:
IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-76, IEC 1000-3-2, IEC 61326-1, CISPR Pub. 14.
The system has been CE approved by the SABS, certificate is available

Energizer Module

The energizer has an on board watchdog circuit , which monitors the max. pulse repetition rate . If any one of these potentialy lethal conditions would occur , the energizer will be switched off immediately durin 1 minute . If the problem thereafter still persist , the cycle will be repeated . An LED will indicate the type of problem for easy service .

Control Inputs/Outputs at the Energizer unit.
Power on/off and reset : Key switch on the Machine.
Remote Control connection : Remote control unit is part of the system. Max cable length 600 m.
Communication to the Remote Control unit is also possible via the Stinger 2 way radio, via the Stinger F.O. media converter or via the Stinger Mains Communication unit.
A PC with the Windows software Package can also be used as a remote control station. This is usually only applicable if multiple energizers are being used.
External Siren connection : Contacts available for 12V/10W Siren. On-time 3 minutes or terminated on ?reset?. Silent alarm connection : Contacts available for a 12V, max 1A load.
System has to be reset before a new alarm can be triggered.
Gate monitor connection : Input for n/c gate contact.
Alarm system : HV current monitoring system.
A sequence of 3 identical faults occurring in the same zone is required before an alarm condition
will be reported.
This package has been specifically designed for the "Stinger" BS120 system, used on large sites with a number of "Stinger" units.
The software is extremely versatile and is yet user friendly to the average operator.
The program has the following general features 
Can be loaded onto all modern machines and is Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP compatible.
Communicates via the computer comm. port and an RS485 to RS232 converter with up to
125 BS120 units via a two wire cable, RF data link or fibre optic cable.
Full control of all units is possible via simple configure and setting-up windows.
Up to 125 site maps can be imported, indicating on the screen the physical positions of
the "Stinger" units and the Electric fence zones at the perimeter.
The location and the type of alarm condition will be shown at the site map for quick
reaction by the security personnel.
An alarm will be raised to alert the operator.
Feedback systems are built into the software to monitor the reactions of the operating
A log file keeps record of all events and fence conditions and is available for later
retrieval. A printout can be made anytime of any part of this file.
Extensive protection in the software to counteract tampering with logged data.
The HV outputs of "Stinger" units can be individually programmed to switch to high or
low voltage at selectable times and days.
It is possible via this program to synchronise a number of BS120 units to comply with
Government regulations.
The contents of the ?Log file? can be downloaded to a remote computer if a telephone
modem has been installed.
The program features a SMS facility, to send an SMS message to different people,
containing the nature of the alert.
Optional peripherals
Mains modem for activating floodlights per zone or to communicate with a remote control
unit via mains communication.
0.5W UHF Transceiver for communication between computer/energizer or between
energizer/keypad for distances up to 3 Km (License free)
5W VHF Transceiver for distant RF communication between computer/remote control
unit and energizer(s) over longer distances.
Media converter board To interface the RS485 signals to a fibre optic cable.
Relay board for driving a Mimic panel or Video multiplexer.
LCD Display panel for use in a guardhouse, where it is advisable that the PC is being
locked away.
Mains communication system.
To provide communication between energizer/keypad, or between computer/energizer via
the local mains wiring system. Suitable for distances up to 500 meters.
(Stinger Electronics cc. Sept 2006)
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