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No, However we do accept cast payments, EFT and will require deposit from you before the particular job will start

No, There is not a constant flow but pulsed flow of electricity through the wires  and therefore no electrocution would take place.

It is possible to the fence alarm to the rapid response company, We advise it to all our clients.

In the event that wires are cut the Stinger Energizer will report an open circuit alarm condition.  The possibility of keeping the cut wires away from each other are very slim as the wires tensioned up to 25kg tension weight.  Short circuit alarm condition would be reported.

Whatashock uses Stinger Energizers which is 8 joules with a maximum voltage of 10000 volts as per Government regulations. 

In the likely event of power failure, Stinger Energizers gas a minimum of 5 hours back up after the enclosed 7 amp battery will stop to produce any power and it is advisable to restore 220volt power via the power supply system we can provide.  

Electric Fencing can be installed on just about any type of boundary or perimeter fencing. 

All excising fence installations have to comply with legislation as per Goverment Gazzette No: 23648 Dated 26 July 2020.

Yes we do, Please contact us for further information.

This is correct, you do get more false alarms but mostly during daytime when your system is armed and the traffic of birds increases, in turn that increases your changes to false alarms.  That however could easily be remedied by having your alarms systems work remotely with the capability of arming/disarming the inside partition and outside beam partition separately.  The other option is to run the Outside Beam System separately utilizing it as an early warning system on whereby you have beams communicating to an HQ that is portable.  

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